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You can trust us with your jewelry, our reputation is built on it.

Welcome to Robert J. Nuccio, Goldsmith

Robert J. Nuccio has been crafting fine jewelry for over 40 years. With superior craftsmanship, Robert has styled beautiful, timeless, and unique pieces for the very discerning jewelry collector. Quality and commitment to excellence are the essence of each piece.

Other jewelry stores claim to design custom jewelry, but what they really do is merely take the design and send it out to some unknown goldsmith. Unlike these stores, Robert designs and creates your jewelry right on his store premises eliminating the costs of the middleman. You can rely on your jewelry being taken care of by Robert himself. You can take comfort in knowing that your heirloom pieces that you may be having Robert set in a new design will be safe. No more worries about your jewelry floating out there in unknown places! And best of all, you receive a much better value.

Because he is not a jewelry salesman but rather a goldsmith, Robert creates pieces with the precision and detail that only an experienced craftsman can. Keen attention to intricate details, the finest metals and precious stones, and patience and expertise are poured into each unique piece produced by Robert J. Nuccio Goldsmith.

Robert prides himself on repeat business. There is no better sign of satisfaction than a return client. Many local folks with discerning taste have trusted Robert to not only repair their precious jewelry but also to handcraft one-of-a-kind and truly unique pieces WITHOUT having to have the project sent to another location for custom work and the added costs of the middleman!

Our reputation is based on the trust we have earned with our customers who give us repeat business.  When you leave your jewelry here, you can be assured that your diamonds are safe, our honesty is the foundation for our business and we stake our entire business on it.

No more worries about who has access to your diamonds when other jewelers in town send out your jewelry to unknown persons.

You can count on Robert J. Nuccio.


Custom Designs

Looking for that one of a kind piece of jewelry? Robert J. Nuccio Goldsmith can custom design the piece of your dreams. Whether it be a wedding ring, mother’s ring, or anything else, you have come to the right place.

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