Buying a Diamond?

Robert J Nuccio DiamondAt Robert J. Nuccio’s, you can be sure that the diamond and/or jewelry you buy is what you are told it is.  Robert’s established customer base was built on the trust he inspires and the prices he is able to offer due to his low overhead.  He is honest and trustworthy, a hard thing to find in the jewelry business.

For 40 years, Robert has had many customers come into his store asking for jewelry repair or custom re-setting of a diamond they purchased elsewhere.  He has seen first-hand the results of a sale by other jewelers that will do anything to get that sale.  It is difficult to tell his customers that their jewelry is not what they thought it was.

He has seen appraisals by other jewelry stores for diamonds that are not what the appraisal says they are.  In fact, he has seen lab certificate numbers etched on the girdle of the diamond that do not match the appraisals that their buyers were given!

Robert’s diamonds are the real thing. His custom jewelry is heavier and structurally better built so that stones do not fall out.  His jewelry is not mass produced, but created individually with care and attention to detail.

If you are buying a diamond, you better know who you are buying from.  Beware the smiling salesperson who will say and do anything if they think they can get away with it.  After all, once you buy from them, it may be years before you realize you didn’t get what you were told.  It will be too late to do anything about it!

Visit Robert J. Nuccio and he will tell you the truth about what you are buying.  Plus, if you want a better quality diamond with a top cut grade rather than a quickly cut commercial stone, he can get it for you at a great competitive price!