Best Diamond and Custom Jewelry Goldsmith in Modesto, CA


Our Story

Robert J. Nuccio Goldsmith was founded by Robert Nuccio in 1985. With over 33 years of experience, Robert knows his diamonds and brings meticulous craftsmanship to each custom-made creation. Robert has a “hands-on” philosophy and he personally touches each piece of jewelry. He prides himself on creating dream pieces which he likes to call “jewelry from scratch.” Always having been a detail-oriented person, Robert recalls taking after his father who was always very mechanically oriented. Exhibiting his early handiwork, Robert first found his calling as a young boy who, while in parochial schools, would repair the rosaries of the administrators and staff.

As a goldsmith, Robert’s specialty is his knowledge of diamonds.  When you buy a diamond from Robert, you know you are getting what he says you are.

Fine tuning his skills over many years as an apprentice “on the bench” at trade shops, Robert came to appreciate fine craftsmanship and quickly discovered his talents as a goldsmith. In Modesto since 1975 Robert has become a trusted resource, often consulting for local jewelers on complicated jewelry repairs. It would be no strange coincidence if Robert has actually worked behind the scenes on your jewelry!

Robert stays abreast of trends in the industry of jewelry crafting and is regularly involved in conferences and trade shows for industry professionals. But, what separates Robert J. Nuccio Goldsmith from the run-of-the-mill jewelers is that he is not a vendor but rather a craftsman who makes quality jewelry.

Our Shop and Tools

A modest storefront is one of the elements which allow Robert J. Nuccio Goldsmith to pass along to clients competitively priced jewelry without the cookie-cutter styles on the mass market.

Low overhead is part of the reason Robert J. Nuccio Goldsmith is able to pass savings to its customers. With only a few custom pieces in the showroom, there is no inventory to manage. These pieces are creations that Robert simply developed in his down time and are available for sale. Robert J. Nuccio Goldsmith does no formal advertising instead thriving on word of mouth and repeat business.