Jewelry Making Tools for the Best Diamond and Custom Jewelry in Modesto, CA

The Tools of Our Trade

In designing and creating custom jewelry, Robert uses the latest jewelry making tools to ensure the quality of the final result.  Robert J. Nuccio begins with the best diamond or precious stones on the market.  What this means to his customers, is that they are getting better quality for less cost due to his ability to sell his products and skill for less. Having no employees and far less overhead, results in extremely high quality product for much less is possible …..a benefit for his customers.

The first step in the creation of the beautiful jewelry he creates for his customers, Robert utilizes a CAD-CNC (Computer Aided Design – Computer Numerical Control) software program on his computer. On this software program, Robert can draw the piece of jewelry, indicating where the gems are to be set. When he is done, he sends this information to the Milling machine.
The Milling machine (a Model Master) utilizes the computer generated software information from the CAD-CNC to automate a spinning tool which cuts wax to the form and shape programmed in the CAD-CNC to the 1/1000th of a milimeter’s accuracy.
Robert will use a Lathe machine to shape the initial wax and trim excess wax throughout the process until the wax is a replica of the piece of jewelry (without the gems) to be created.
Once the wax models are perfectly shaped and trimmed, Robert will position the pieces into mold containers, and pour in plaster to cover the wax pieces.
When the plaster hardens after 2 1/2 hours, Robert puts the entire mold containers in a kiln (1350° F) to melt and burn the wax away.
The plaster mold is then set into an electric casting machine when it is approximately 1000° F – 1100° F. The electric casting machine (model Neu-Tec J2r) melts the metal pellets that are placed in the machine with high heat which then is injected into the mold with vacuum pressure.
Costing approximately $8,000.00 at the time it was purchased, this machine is air tight to reduce oxygen contact, providing a sealed Nitrogen atmosphere. Any exposure to oxygen can cause flaws to the finished metal including discoloration and marring, so this is a vital process that Robert J. Nuccio utilizes to ensure the quality he demands. Many other jewelers use the centrifical casting machines because they are much lower in price (approximately $600). Centrifical casting machines are not airtight, therefore, they produce lower quality products.
Once the metal cools and is removed from the mold, Robert then polished the metal (generally gold or platinum) and prepares the piece for the setting of the gems.
Working his craft, Robert then carefully selects the proper the gems or stones, and sets them into the setting, making sure that each one is properly fitted and secure.
The care and attention to detail given to each piece, from design to polish to selection of quality gems, are the reasons Robert J. Nuccio’s jewelry is of such high quality.