Best Diamonds and Jewelry in Modesto, CA

Trusted Jeweler of Jewelry and Diamonds

I have been in business for 40+ years, and have built my business on two things, value and trust.  I am the trusted jeweler of my customers who know that they are getting a better price for their jewelry purchase than other local jewelry stores, and most importantly, they know that they are getting what I tell them they are getting.

First, as for value, I can sell a diamond (and other jewelry) for less than other jewelry stores.  Why?  Possibly 1) They’re in the main shopping center and their rent’s probably $8,000 a month. 2) Their fixtures alone probably cost them $250,000 or a million dollars per store and they’ve got to recapture it. 3) They have 10 salesmen per store, who each have to make $400 a week to live on. And 4) they need to make a big profit on top for the corporate offices.  My overhead is much less.

Second, with me, not only will you receive better value, but more importantly, you will receive trusted value from a trusted jeweler.

What do I mean? Here is an example of an incident that actually happened.  A customer came into my store with a diamond that was sold to him as a H color, VS1 clarity diamond.  The local Modesto store that had sold it to him had their appraiser provide an appraisal stating that this was the quality of the stone they purchased.

The diamond was actually a grading of K color with a VS2 clarity.  I know this diamond was sold under false pretenses, and it outrages me to see the dishonesty perpetrated by my competition.

When my customers buy a diamond from me, it will be exactly what I say it is.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing how I can provide you with the jewelry you want.



Robert Nuccio