Best Diamonds and Custom Jewelry in Modesto, CA


Robert J. Nuccio Goldsmith offers an array of services including the best quality diamonds for the discerning client.

From custom-designed diamond pieces and repair and restoration of existing pieces to engraving, appraisals, insurance, and fine watch repair, Robert J. Nuccio Goldsmith always exceeds the needs of clients.

With access to superior quality gemstones including diamonds and precious metals, Robert is able to source the perfect components which go into each handcrafted item he produces.


Robert can help to create one of the most memorable diamond jewelry purchases of a lifetime. Working in concert with the client, Robert can design a truly unique, one-of-a-kind diamond wedding rings for the most selective couple.

Diamonds and Gemstones

Robert works with trusted diamond dealers ensuring that the client will receive nothing but quality stones. He particularly enjoys working with Ideal cuts, Triple Ideal cuts, Premium Ideal cuts, and Hearts and Arrows cuts. He has access to vendors all over the world and works with suppliers who are specialists in a particular cut of diamond.

Additionally, he has resources for precious and semi-precious gemstones and can source almost any stone including tanzanite, sapphire, and ruby along with jade, opal, and lapis lazuli.

Repair and Restoration

Robert J. Nuccio Goldsmith can breathe life into a worn or damaged piece of jewelry. He can repair and restore almost any piece of jewelry whether it’s a family heirloom or a college class ring or a watch. Again, working closely with the client, Robert will evaluate the item with a discerning eye and make an honest assessment and present options to his client.

From time to time he is presented with a piece of jewelry that poses a true challenge perhaps due to previous repairs by another company or perhaps due to the metal composition of the piece itself. Robert will wholeheartedly make a recommendation on how to proceed. He prides himself on the relationship that he forges with his clients and is forthright and realistic with them about options.

Watch Repair

Robert J. Nuccio Goldsmith can comprehensively handle all watch repair needs easily handling watches in any price range. Robert’s in-house watchmaker has worked on many brand name watches both fashion and fine and ranging in price from $30 to $30,000. Clients trust Robert to routinely check and repair timepieces. More on watch repair.

Jewelry Insurance

Robert J. Nuccio Goldsmith works with a trusted independent jewelry insurer, Jewelers Mutual, a company which specializes in jewelry only. Jeweler’s Mutual is completely independent of Robert J. Nuccio Goldsmith. Customers can feel confident in knowing there is no bias or spiked rates. Plus, insuring through Jeweler’s Mutual guarantees that homeowner insurance policies are not affected in the event of a loss.